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UG Labs raises $7m to revolutionize kids’ gaming with AI

UG Labs, has successfully raised $7 million in funding to revolutionize children’s gaming experiences with conversational AI and voice interactivity. The funding round was led by Amiti Venture and MoreVC, with additional participation from Mediatek and private angel investors. The company’s innovative approach to game design involves integrating voice interactivity and conversational AI into its games using proprietary algorithms and data.

UG Labs raises m to revolutionize kids' gaming with AI

This technology, embedded within UG’s game engine, allows for open-ended conversations that dynamically influence gameplay. By interacting with non-player characters, players can explore unscripted scenarios, providing a unique and immersive gaming experience geared towards younger audiences while offering deeper engagement for the whole family. At the core of UG Labs’ technology are automated speech recognition (ASR) and large language models (LLMs).

CEO Ariel Leventhal emphasized the significance of their speech recognition solution, particularly in understanding children whose speech patterns are still developing and whose command of language may not be perfect. By personalizing the model for individual users, UG Labs aims to enhance inclusivity, ensuring that all children can fully engage with their gaming experiences.

Founded in 2022 by Leventhal and CTO Shachar Mendelowitz, UG Labs aims to inject original, unscripted, and age-appropriate conversations into children’s games. Leventhal’s background includes leadership roles at K Health and Fraud Sciences, while Mendelowitz brings experience from Healthy.io Digital Healthcare and TowerSec Automotive Cybersecurity.

UG Labs’ technology goes beyond traditional voice recognition by focusing on adaptability and learning from user interactions over time. This ensures that each gaming session is unique, tailored to the user’s language abilities, age, vocabulary, and preferences. Additionally, the company’s ASR technology supports progression between game levels, maintaining continuity in conversations and delivering authentic responses based on past interactions.

UG Labs’ advancements in conversational AI are set to redefine children’s gaming experiences, creating a safer, more engaging environment where voice interaction takes center stage. By combining state-of-the-art solutions in speech recognition and conversation design, the company is poised to unlock new opportunities for interactive storytelling and play.

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